Please Send More Rain

On December 8, 2017 I self-published my first book of poetry! Please Send More Rain is a book of poetry about spiritual revival in our hearts & in the world. It is a reflection of my journey of discovering who my heavenly Father is & who He has called me to be- a human vessel that brings to life the faith, hope & light within me through Jesus Christ, my personal Savior.

“Raine Brandon’s story blossoms through her writing & allows the reader to engage & discover, or re-discover, his or her own relationship with The Lord through journaling. It is a warm invitation to open our hearts to God, & allow His grace & love to fill us so we can live the beautiful life He created for us. Journey with her & experience your own revival within.”

Please Send More Rain can be purchased on Amazon. If you live in the Orlando area, you can also contact me directly to purchase a copy of the book.